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Shannon Nealy is known to the world as ShanShine Speaks! With over a decade of experience in Emergency Management, she heard countless 911 calls during her career, many of them soul shattering. After listening to crisis after crisis, the time came for a shift from re-acting to problems to pro-actively seeking solutions. As an entrepreneur, her company is now partnering with organizations world-wide to help others.

ShanShine shares her story of her own "911 Calls" and uses heartfelt vulnerability to ignite the unlimited POWER we all carry within. Her current book project, "My 911 Call: Calm in the Chaos" is slated for release summer 2023.



A native of Oklahoma, ShanShine holds a Bachelor of Business Administration & Ethics from Mid-America Christian University. She is certified in Crisis Intervention Training by the Oklahoma City Police Department and received Post Critical Incident Training at the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas. However, life experience has been her greatest teacher. 

Her first published work "My 911 Call" is apart of an anthology called "The Brilliant Awakening!" The headshots for the cover was the catalyst to her new found career in modeling & marketing. Her time exploring the Motherland lit her fire like no other and broke the chains to any thought of limits. The ShanShine Speaks brand is now globally recognized with engagements all over the world. 

ShanShine has been an ambassador for her favorite brands Google, ADP, Chevy, Coca Cola, Vasoline, Love, Beauty & Planet, Panera Bread and more. In 2020 she represented Ms. Oprah Winfrey & her special guests at the 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour. Gayle needs to watch out because Oprah may have found a new best friend! Check out the tune they made up together on LIT Legacy TV YouTube!

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"You often feel tired not because you've done too much, but because you've done too little of what sparks a light in you!"  -@Awakentheraphy


I have learned what sparks the light in me and I am sharing that light with the world. Our mission is to keep shining light to ignite every heart. We all have unlimited power with in, may we all wake up with the courage  to walk in that power and shine brightly.  Love intentionally today! 


Welcome to Lit Legacy LLC 


"Always speak from your heart, that is how you stay L.I.T!" #LoveIntentionallyToday

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