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Image by Brett Jordan
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Welcome Lit Legend!
How can we get L.I.T. for you today? 


  1. Do you need help telling your story for your legacy, brand, business, or mission? 

  2. Looking for ways to  connecting to your target audience? 

  3. Have you been traumatized and it is stopping you from moving forward or speaking in public?

  4. Are you ready to share your story but do not know how or where to begin? 

  5. Do you need support making your message marketable to the masses? 

  6. Are you sick and tired of limiting your book, business, or brand and ready to break all the barriers ? 


Take a deep breathe, because help is here! You are in the right place. We are ready to help you turn all fear, pressure & pain  into PURPOSE!!! 


We serve you, your book, business, or brand in a luxurious way through L.I.T. Language. We want to show you how to leave a lifetime impression on your audience through calm consistent communications! It all starts with you! Are you a calm, confident, consistent, courageous communicator? If not, get L.I.T. and you will become one!   

Let's turn your pain into the power that will propel you to your highest self and guide you to the life of your DREAMS! Be the Leader, CEO, Entrepreneur, Parent, Pastor, Author, Story-teller, Co-worker, Friend and Family Member that you desire to be.  


What is your life revealing to you?

Life is a classroom and each of our lives has its own curriculum. We guide our clients in a reflection process to become masters of their life and legacy! Are you read to learn how to live with dynamic mind-blowing revelation?  Start calm and communicate  consistently starting with you! 

ShanShine Speaks transparent work inspires the hearts of her audience to drive their focus to the "unlimited power within" and provides  actionable TURN BY TURN steps to transform their lives and their legacy.

ShanShine Speaks has reignited hearts of men and women all over the world. She shares her powerful journey overcoming sexual assault, discrimination, rejection, threats, and an unfair justice system. This did not stop her from sharing her story and working to make the world a better place.

The more we support each other, the stronger we will all become. ShanShine Speaks is not a lawyer but that did not stop her from representing herself in court, she believes we all have to be our own best advocate and now uses her skills to build confidence in her clients to always show up for themselves as well. 

The L.I.T. Legends community loves to shine bright as possible to continue to illuminate   the way for others. We are truly stronger together! 

It is your time to be a L.I.T. Legend!!!! 

Join our family as we live the full life we were born to live. 

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing!" (Isaiah 10:27)   

 Your new life is waiting for you. We believe in YOU! Click the link above to get started today! 

We See You, We Hear You, We Love you!

Let's get LIT!!!

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