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ShanShine Speaks (New L.I.T. You in 2022) Resume.png
ShanShine Speaks (New L.I.T. You in 2022) Resume.png

Our L.I.T. Legacy Mission

This company is created to conquer corrupt communications by creating calm courageous confident communicators who cheerfully answer the call on their life to impact the world and leave a L.I.T. Legacy! L.I.T. simply means "Love Intentionally Today!" L.E.G.A.C.Y. is for "Leaders, Evolving, Growing, Aligning, Caring, & Young-At-Heart." 

We use our Marketing Mouth while on the MISSION! 

Welcome L.I.T. Legend! We are happy to have you apart of the Lit Legacy Family! 

(John 13:34)


L.I.T. Legacy LLC is a Loving source of inspiration for clients, customers, business partners, brothers and sisters to find the courage to answer the call on their life to leave a L.I.T. Legacy. We use language to love people in a L.I.T. Luxurious Way ! L.I.T. simply means "Love Intentionally Today!"  God is Love. We are Love!


The Lit Legacy vision includes creative experiences to share soul-impacting stories of Lit Legacies to help us all live, learn, and love better . The Lit Legacy TV YouTube and Podcast will  inspire our audiences with people, principles and L.I.T. information that audiences of all ages may be entertained, educated, empowered, and enhanced.  We use our marketing mouth to tell the world about our L.I.T. business partners and sponsors during our L.I.T. travels. Follow the L.I.T. Legacy journey and become a L.I.T. Legend! 

(1 John 4:46)

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